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Now 61 reaches 3m people with Snap Ads ‘deep links’

Now That’s What I Call Music! turned to Snapchat when it looked to promote its 61st edition of the iconic Now! series.


07/11/2017  |  Full story...

Mobile case study: Kontor Records creates ‘Office Turntable’

Record company Kontor used analogue and digital experience to achieve 71% activation with smart use of QR codes.

06/11/2017  |  Full story...

Charity case study: “Love Story written by a murderer” tackles domestic violence

A women’s charity in Peru took a novel approach to highlight the dangers of domestic abuse, recruiting one of the country’s biggest music stars to record a song written by a murderer before for killed his partner.

06/09/2017  |  Full story...

Mobile case study: Eurovision app boosts engagement in Sweden

A new app won the hearts of the Swedish population and revived their nation's favourite song contest. This case study looks at how adding 'hearting' to the voting system of tsong contest, Melodifestivalen turned the behaviour of viewers at home right on its head.


01/06/2017  |  Full story...

Efes Pilsen puts music under the cap in Turkey

Beer brand Efes teamed up with Shazam in Turkey to create an emotional link with its fans. The new brand, called “Müzik Bu Kapağın Altında" - literally “the one with music under its cap” reached 4.5m users who collectively turned in 10 million Shazam sessions.

Music is Under This Cap - Shazam from Instant DCPC on Vimeo.

03/02/2017  |  Full story...

Social media case study: MTV ‘green screens’ gets fans to complete its VMA ads

Ahead of the 2015 “MTV Video Music Awards”, MTV called upon all its own fans to create billboard ads to promote the show- with a little help from a green screen Miley Cyrus.

04/08/2016  |  Full story...

Cashless payment fail: Chaos at festival as system crashes

In a stark reminder of the perils of having a digital-only plan, a UK music festival plunged into chaos in June 2015 as its cashless payment system failed- leaving music fans unable to buy food or drink and being forced to queue for hours.


25/06/2015  |  Full story...

Gamification case study: EE launches Glastonbury ticket treasure hunt on Twitter #Glastonburied

Glastonbury festival is one of the biggest and most popular contemporary and performing arts festivals in the world. Each year over 130,000 tickets to the festival sell out in under an hour, making it extremely difficult to get access to the event. UK based mobile phone network EE created a game on social media platform Twitter where users could win tickets.


09/06/2015  |  Full story...

Content marketing case study: Garnier gets 6m social shares with Vice music tour

Back in 2013, VICE's music channel Noisey and Garnier Fructis launched a college tour in the US. This case study looks at how the hair brand married style with substance to get its core youth audience visiting in droves, enjoying 3 million video views and 6 million social shares.

05/06/2015  |  Full story...

Mobile marketing case study: Unilever uses mobile to create a free radio station in India for target consumers

Unilever created a radio station – with content delivered through mobiles - to connect with consumers in a market where communicating is difficult. They reached a ‘media dark’ audience by developing an innovative way to use mobile. The consumer packaged goods company created a mobile radio channel called Kan Khajura Tesan offering free entertainment as a platform to advertise brands.

11/03/2015  |  Full story...

Near field communication case study: The end of the silent magazine

Billboard magazine in Brazil challenged its advertising agency Ogilvy to help their magazine stand out on shelves in newsagents. The result: the first music magazine in the world to play the music readers are reading about.

26/01/2015  |  Full story...

Spotify and Instagram marketing: Samuel Adams puts mobile first for new beer brand

Beer brand Samuel Adams has put mobile at the centre of its latest ‘Cold Snap’ seasonal brew, using games, ads, Instagram, Spotify and Facebook to promote its launch. The campaign featured audio ads on Spotify’s iPhone application with the brand’s “For the Love of Beer” slogan. The ads promote Cold Snap and consumers are encouraged to learn more about the beer by clicking though a full-page ad. The beer brand is also leveraging Instagram to promote Cold Snap through the hashtag #SamAdamsBeer. Tagged photos are showcased on the site, and clicking on one prompts a new browser window to open.

Brand: Samuel Adams | Sector: Retail | Country: USAl | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Viral, Social Media, Music, Instagram, Spotify, Mobile

13/03/2014  |  Full story...

Case study: Smirnoff’s ‘brain-controlled DJ’ gets fans sharing video

In June 2013, Smirnoff teamed with DJ Fresh and neurotechnology expert Julien Castet to help three disabled musicians create a dance track using only the power of their brains. The social media case study looks at how the Diageo drinks brand helped to build its ‘nightlife’ brand with cutting edge technology, social media and a catchy soundtrack….

Brand: Diageo, Smirnoff | Sector: FMCG, Food and Beverages, Alcohol | Country: Global | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Social media, Facebook, Video

29/10/2013  |  Full story...

Oreo augmented reality One Direction campaign brings product packages to life

Mondelēz International and Nabisco's Oreo, Trident and Ritz are using augmented reality technology to promote their sponsorship of One Direction’s 2013 North American tour.
The augmented reality packaging features the band on more than 21 million specially-marked packages. Each experience can be unlocked by downloading the 1D VIP app, pointing the mobile device at the package and scanning it to reveal a message from One Direction. Fans can also download the free 1D VIP app at either the Apple or Google Play stores, snap a photo of their favorite snack package with a mobile device and unlock an exclusive experience featuring One Direction.


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Brand: Mondelēz International, Nabisco' | Sector: FMCG, Food and Beverage | Country: US | Objective: brand awareness and favourability | Format: Mobile, augmented reality |

03/06/2013  |  Full story...

Case study: Interactive landing pages boost Mobster mobile ad conversions by 58%


Mobile content entertainment company, Mobster was seeking new ways to boost mobile profitability and to increase the number of new subscribers for its mobile apps. It engaged ad network DMG (DSNR Media Group) to drive improved performance for online advertising in the Dutch market. This case study shows how the optimised ad targeting resulted in a 194% increase in conversions.

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Brand: Mobster | Sector: Mobile | Country: UK | Agency/partner: DMG | Objective: Build brand enagagment, drive sales | Format: Mobile ads

03/05/2013  |  Full story...

Case study – blogger engagement strategies in the UK


Digital marketers often overlook blogger engagement strategies which can be a quick win for many brands – here we show the top 20 most influential blogs in the UK market as a reminder that blogger engagement strategies should be on every marketer’s radar.

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Sector: Sport, Fashion, FMCG, Media, Film, Entertainment, TV, Finance, Gardening, Music, Food and Beverages, Travel, Retail, Retaurants, Health and Beauty | Country: UK | Objective: Brand positioning, drive engagement, Seasonal promotion | Format: SEO, Google, AdWords, Newspapers |

14/03/2013  |  Full story...

Coca Cola in Israel amplifies teenage Village events via Facebook through RFID tags


In summertime in Israel Coca Cola hosts a number of live, 3 day events for teenagers to come together, play and ‘share the happiness’. Looking to make the most of this live event content the brand found a clever technical solution to amplify the offline event online. By providing all the attendees with an RFID-enabled wristband, programmed with their Facebook user name and password, they were able to create a regular stream of real-time likes, content and images in the social network. This not only extended the fun for those who attended, it also spread the happiness to those who couldn’t and in so doing helped extend the reach and engagement of the event to many more thousands of the target audience.

More on this Case study …
Brand: Coca Cola | Country: Israel | Sector: FMCG, Food and Beverage | Format: Social Media, Facebook


iHeartRadio links mobile accounts to Facebook to get 30 times more growth


Social music app iHeartRadio uses Login with Facebook for web login and single sign-on in their Android and iOS apps to make it easy for people to access and avoid the churn of registration forms. Also, Facebook was used to build user trust by educating people on how to turn sharing on / off and showing a facepile of friends who like the app. Consistent education of their Open Graph publishing experiences minimizes user confusion and reduces unexpected sharing. The number of Facebook-connected monthly active users has increase by 30 times since launch of Open graph.

Facebook case study

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Brand: iHeart | Sector: Entertainment | Objective: build brand awareness and increase user base | Format: Facebook Page


Spotify spreads music news via Facebook Ticker


Music streaming service Spotify used Facebook to spread awareness about its latest releases via Facebook updates. Spotify used an app on Facebook to show which songs their friends have listened to recently through updates in the Facebook Ticker. It also allowed sharing music with their Facebook friends through the use of the service’s inbox. When music is discovered through friends, people are more likely to listen and to check out a wider variety of artists.

Facebook case study

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Brand: Spotify | Sector: Entertainment | Objective: build brand awareness and increase user base | Format: Facebook Page


Deezer promotes new music via Facebook to increase user base


Deezer used Facebook to spread awareness about their new music releases via Facebook updates. Deezer used to Open-Graph actions to make it easy for friends to share the music they love from liking a song, sharing a playlist and commenting on songs. Deezer's music activity feed shows people what their friends are listening to, what songs friends like and who recently joined to improve discovery of new music and increase sharing. The number of monthly active users has increased by over 3times, from 605,000 to nearly 2 million since launch of Open graph in Sept 2011.

Facebook case studies

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Brand: Deezer | Sector: Entertainment | Objective: build brand awareness and increase user base | Format: Facebook Page


Old Spice video case study: ‘Muscle Music’


Old Spice has returned with another interactive viral video, letting viewers make music with their keyboards (via a muscle-bound American football star, naturally). The new ad stars former American football and Expendables star Terry Crews, wired up to a series of makeshift musical instruments. Each time the actor and former NFL football player flexes his muscles he makes a sound. Once the advert has finished playing, viewers are invited to create and record their own version using their keyboard.

Video case study

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Brand: Old Spice | Media: Vimeo | Country: Global | Sector: FMCG- Healthcare | Agency: Wieden & Kennedy | Format: Video and social media

30/08/2012  |  Full story...

Case study: Rocksound | Sector: Publishing | Format: Social media on Twitter

Rocksound TwitterA rock magazine for 15-24 year-olds has a naturally good fit with the profile of early adopting techno-heads. But that doesn’t mean their management team would know how to engage in the digital space or have the innovative spirit to try things out. But they do, they did, and here’s the result. It’s a great example of low cost digital publishing with the content driving brand adorers to build buzz about their passions and discussion about the brand.

Rocksound on Twitter


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