Milka lets consumers send ‘last square’ to friends

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In a digital twist on the classic ‘last Rolo’ ads, Milka has launched a new campaign that lets consumers pick who receives the last square of their chocolate bar. The confectionery brand has taken the last square from over 13 Million Milka Chocolate bars and are giving people the chance to claim their square back or give it to someone else. The campaign builds on the French brand’s current positioning of ‘Osez la tendresse’, or ‘Dare to be tender’. Paris-based Buzzman had the concept of the missing square and is behind the marketing campaign. The campaign was no mean feat, as it meant Milka had to alter its manufacturing process to create 10 million blocks of chocolate with a single piece missing.

Brand: Milka | Sector: FMCG, Food and beverage | Country: France | Agency/Partner: Buzzman | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Social

Once consumers purchases the Milka bar they need to connect through their smartphone, tablet or pc to visit

There, they'll be able to choose what to do with their last square. If they decide to be tender and send their last square to someone they'll be able to accompany it with a tender personalized message.

The campaign has been a year in the making, taking Buzzman and Milka a whole year to change the entire chocolate bar manufacturing process.

Buzzman and Milka created a unique mould that allowed for the creation of 13 million chocolate bars for France and Germany with the famous square missing.

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