How Samsung used video to become ‘social brand of the year’

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Samsung has been named as the social brand of the year according to Unruly after amassing 7.3 million shares of its videos. The brand rose seven places from last year to take the top spot, while Geico came in second with 4.9 million shares, ahead of Dove at 4.5 million and Pepsi at four million. This case study looks at how Samsung made smart use of its video assets across YouTube and beyond.

Brand: Samsung | Sector: Electronics | Country: Global| Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Social, Video, Vine, YouTube

Rather than hiding away older campaigns like on many other brand pages, Samsung’s video homepage on YouTube provides easy access to all videos for every Samsung product and marketing campaign, with bold tabs across the top taking the user to key areas.

Under the titile ‘#SMARTMOVE’, the bespoke designed page features a montage of various Samsung users being interviewed on how the Galaxy Note3 has made their lives better.
Within each area viewers are presented with a highlighted video, with more relevant videos below.

The top right of the page features specific channels tailored for each of Samsung’s major territories.

On the UK page for example, the content on this page is primarily focussed on Samsung’s ‘Over to You’ series of videos, featuring competition winners testing five Samsung smartphones in homemade videos.

Samsung hasn’t stopped at YouTube, with a series of Vine videos showcasing the firms various sized smartphones in engaging and creative ways.

Samsung is a brand that tapped into Vine’s potential early on. The company has released some masterful videos making the most of the stop-motion format. In one video, an animated basketball player leaps across different phones to shoot hoops.

The ad helps the electronics giant showcase its range of phones and tablets, highlighting how it can cater for all tastes in a fun and engaging way.

Overall, Samsung’s use of video is engaging, comprehensive and easily accessible- showing why the brand won Unruly’s title of ‘social brand of the year’ getting 7.3 million shares.


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