Axe gets serious with ‘Make Love Not War’ video

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In a surprise move, Axe has ditched its playboy image with a serious message for this year’s Super Bowl commercial slot to push its new ‘Peace’ fragrance.The brand, often known for inciting controversy in the gender wars, has issued a new 30-second Super Bowl spot—using the old 60s slogan "Make love. Not war" to push its latest product range. The "Make love. Not war" slogan appears at the end, along with the logo of the Peace One Day organization, which is a partner of the campaign. (Axe is giving $250,000 to the group and promoting it on its website and Facebook.) The hashtag is #KissForPeace.

Watch the extended ‘Call to Arms’ ad below:

Brand: Axe/ Lynx/Unilever | Sector: FMCG, Healthcare | Country: Global | Agency/Partner: BBH London / Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Video, YouTube, Viral

As is now the tradition ahead of the final, an extended, 2 minute version has already gone live on YouTube version of the spot hit YouTube.

The ad, directed by MJZ's Rupert Sanders, travels the globe to various hot spots of conflict, including the Middle East and what's clearly meant to be a version of North Korea. Tensions rise as each scene seems poised to erupt in violence. But instead, each becomes a celebration of love, as the warriors put down their weapons and embrace their wives and girlfriends.

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