Heart-warming Thai insurance ad gets 6 million views in a week

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Thai Life used a longform YouTube video to tell a heart-warming tale of an unsung hero who never gets rewarded for his acts of kindness. Or so it seems. This case study looks at how the Bangkok-based insurance firm used the 'Unsung Hero' ad to get 6 million views after being posted on YouTube for just a week.

The 3 minute ad, created by Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok, depicts heartwarming moments a young man performs acts of kindness on the community around him.

He helps an elderly street vendor cross the street feeds a hungry dog his own meal and gives a young girl begging for money 'for education' his last note as others shake their heads in disapproval.

The voiceover for the clip outlines that the man does his good deeds anonymously and without any reason.]

It says: "He won't be richer, He won't appear on TV and not a bit more famous."
After around two minutes the advert's lessons are then revealed.

The man "witnesses happiness, feels love and receives what money can't buy - a world made more beautiful."

The advert was made by Thai Life - and insurance company based in Bangkok. The company has found success on Youtube and elsewhere by producing ads which send an emotionally driven message.

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