‘Unloved’ video viral puts human perspective on animal charities to get 1.5m views

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This emotionally powerful video from the Animal Mayhew Centre puts a new twist on typical pet rescue charities- highlighting the happiness a rescue dog bring to their owners after a hard day. The advert went live on YouTube on the 6th March and aired during More4’s coverage of Crufts on the 7th March and has had over 10,000 shares and 1.5m views in the first month alone.

Unlike many charity commercials of its kind, which often focus on the plight of the animal, this new video from agency BBH puts a positive spin on the situation, highlighting the happiness a pet can bring.

The ad shows a referee, a bouncer and a charity street fundraiser being either ignored or abused just doing their day jobs. However, they soon shrug off their hard days when they return home to find their beloved pets waiting for them.

The video funded and produced by Moxie Pictures and created by Dominic Goldman of BBH on behalf of The Mayhew Animal Home has grown from strength to strength as a week later it hones in on the 1.5 million views mark for viewings on its host site on YouTube, totalling over three years worth of viewing time.

Since its launch, the ad has attracted almost 100,000 shares, propelling the ad towards the top of the Unruly Viral Video Chart.

The Mayhew Animal Home, based in North West London has been rehoming animals for over 125 years, yet its brand recognition is relatively low.

“This video has given The Mayhew a chance to be seen all over the world at no cost to the charity, which is something we are immensely grateful to those who have worked so tirelessly at Moxie Pictures and at BBH to deliver an effective and impactful video for The Mayhew” said Caroline Yates, CEO.


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