Netherlands case study: Oreo ‘snack hacks’ wins over millennials on Twitter

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Oreo noticed that in the Netherlands its American cookies were popular with millennials. In order to capitalise on this and engage with its fans, Oreo launched a campaign on Twitter giving millennials tips on how Oreos can hack recipes to make them better.


Case study summary

• Oreo launched a campaign on Twitter targeted at millennials in the Netherlands

• Instead of traditional advertising, Oreo Tweeted great content - ‘Snack Hacks’ tips explaining how Oreos can make recipes better

• The campaign generated 2.9 million impressions during its first month


In the Netherlands the American cookie brand Oreo is particularly popular with millennials. Oreo saw this as a great opportunity to further engage with its fans and profit from the positive attention. In order to do this Oreo ran a campaign directed at millennials.


To increase millennial engagement with the brand, Oreo set up a new Twitter account @OreoSnackHackNL to tweet tips on how to make recipes even better with Oreo cookies. The campaign was themed around the idea that Oreo doesn’t make recipes – it hacks them.
Oreo Tweeted great content in rich media formats to capture its target audience and users interest. Snack hacks were Tweeted using multi-image to explain the Snack Hack in four simple steps.

Promoted videos on Twitter included celebrity endorsement from famous chef Joris Bijdendijk and hip-hop star Vjèze Fur.

Oreo also promoted its trend half way through the campaign by promoting the hashtag #OreoSnackHackNL which had a click through rate of 10.2% and 13,000 Tweet engagements.


Tweeting relevant content for its target audience rather than advertising helped the brand boost engagement. During the first month the campaign had 154,000 engagements and 2.9 million impressions. For promoted tweets engagement levels peaked at 8% and costs per engagement were €0.16.

During 2014 – when the campaign was launched Oreo saw a 60% increase in its volume of sales in the Netherlands compared to the previous year.

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