Video case study: How Dermablend increased brand awareness at the Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT)

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In 2011 professional make-up brand Dermablend’s video of tattooed model Rick Genest went viral as the video showed Genest appearing to scrub away his skin (actually a Dermablend cover up) to reveal his skeletal tattoos underneath. Dermablend capitalised on a viral video it produced when it worked with Google to take the video to the Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT) and create a YouTube masthead campaign.

Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT)

If your brand or branded content is not found when people search for it, it’s like not being available on the shelf in store. Search engine discovery has become the Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT). ZMOT describes the research and pre-purchase moment when a brand has an opportunity to connect with consumers and influence their thinking.


Case study summary

• Dermablend increased brand awareness using ZMOT

• Dermablend created an ad to run as YouTube’s masterhead for 24 hours which increased brand engagement and doubled click through rate compared to the YouTube average


The challenge

Dermablend is a professional make-up brand from L’Oréal, recommended by dermatologists for its exceptional skincare coverage (as shown in the video) and skin care benefits. Dermablend wanted to boost brand awareness by taking advantage of its hit viral video and win more new customers at the ZMOT.

The solution

In order to reach millions of viewers, at the moment they are looking for content, Dermablend took over the YouTube masthead for a day. Bringing the video to more people at the ZMOT would boost brand awareness and drive new visitors to the site as well as encourage viewers to share the content.


The YouTube masterhead is a 970x250 ad space that runs the width of the YouTube homepage. Masterhead ads can expand and include videos, reaching millions of viewers for a 24 hour period.


• 2x click through rate compared to the YouTube average

• 1.5x longer video watch time compared to the YouTube average

• 54% increase in US subscriber base on Dermablend’s YouTube brand channel

• In the 24 hours Dermablend took over the YouTube masterhead they had as many unique visitors to their website as in the entire month of September 2011


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