Facebook case study: Bed firm uses ‘lookalike audiences’ to tempt customers in store

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A campaign to test out Facebook Ads brought more people into the bed and mattress chain’s stores, and laid a solid foundation for its advertising strategy.


Case study summary

• Bed store used Facebook to encourage in-store visits

• Lookalike Audiences used for the location-specific campaigns, based on each store’s own customer data.

• Ads featured call to action to visit the relevant store

• In 30 days company achieved 20% growth in store footfall and 25% sales rise

The challenge

Bed and mattress specialist Aeroflex prides itself on choice, service and quality. Its 16 stores across Israel offer everything needed for a good night’s sleep.

Aeroflex used Facebook to maintain brand awareness and to encourage customers to visit one of its 16 stores.

The solution

Aeroflex teamed up with agency InforUMobile to test the effects of Facebook advertising on sales through a carefully orchestrated series of nationwide campaigns. The campaigns ran across all branches, with 4 branches allocated an additional 30% on top of their advertising budget to see whether there was a marked correlation between additional budget and sales results.

Lookalike Audiences were used for the location-specific campaigns, based on each store’s own customer data. Ads with a call to action to visit the relevant store were then targeted to each audience. InforUMobile’s advertising director Danni Zaks explains, “The campaign structure allowed us to get a really clear picture that could be compared across stores.”

The results

The campaign not only proved the benefits of investing in Facebook, but also garnered tens of thousands of positive interactions between Aeroflex and its audiences, which enhanced brand perception and contributed to a significant increase in the number of customers visiting its stores.

In 30 days during the ongoing campaign, the company achieved:

• 20% growth in store footfall

• 25% increase in sales

Tomer Ben, CEO, Aeroflex, said: Tomer Ben, CEO, Aeroflex: “We were interested in testing the effectiveness of Facebook advertising, so we diverted ad budgets from other media to run dedicated campaigns.

“The results made it clear to us that advertising on Facebook can have an immediate and substantial impact on our sales. What made a big difference was the level of control over campaign parameters that Facebook offers—that’s something that other channels can’t match.”

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