Video marketing: Sequential storytelling with Nespresso

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To raise awareness of its commitment to sustainability, Nespresso designed an innovative YouTube campaign, with George Clooney and Matt Damon. Featuring a sequential storytelling approach, the campaign was executed across multiple markets through a central campaign “command centre” where brand team’s agencies and YouTube/Google worked closely, making strategic decisions and fast executional adjustments.

Case study summary:

• Nespresso used sequential storytelling and real time retargeting to build awareness of its new campaign

• The content was viewed over 50 million times on YouTube


• To build awareness of Nespresso's new George Clooney campaign; extend the reach of a TV commercial while connecting different brand messages into a seamless and compelling user journey

• To build sustainability credentials for the Nespresso brand globally


Nespresso and their agencies created hero videos featuring George Clooney and Matt Damon which were promoted via TrueView with remarketing lists collected.

• Viewers who completed watching the hero video, and showing initial interest were shown a follow-on video about sustainability credentials

• The YouTube channel offered a thoughtfully designed user journey with opportunity to uncover additional, never-seen-before content of Clooney discussing sustainability initiatives

• Campaign orchestration through centralised war room including Nespresso, agencies and Google enabled rapid, data-driven decision making and real time adjustments

Using data to drive deeper engagement

• Viewers that complete (skippable) hero content are identified as interested and engaged with the brand’s messages. Using social listening and analytics this helps the brand understand to which campaign messages or characters resonate with particular target audiences

• The brand then develop custom content journeys to respond to each segment’s needs and interests

• Teams used remarketing to show appropriate sequential content to target audiences and negative remarketing for pure unexposed reach

• Paid media was reallocated behind best performing content


This campaign delivered its brand goals and gave incremental value by delivering the most effective message sequence to its audience.

• Over 50m views of the content

• Over 10m views of sustainability related content

• View-through rate doubled during the campaign, from less than 15% for the first George Clooney advert to close to 30% for the final sustainability video

• 31% increase in brand related searches

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