Case study: targets forgetful drivers with interactive campaign

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Indian insurance firm Coverfox intercepted YouTube for several days and continued with their message until people renewed their insurance. This case study looks at how the firm made smart and fun use of retargeting that was far more effective than a simple email reminder.

Case study summary

• Coverfox wanted a fun way to remind people to renew their insurance

• Brand used video retargeting pre-rolls on YouTube with spoof ads

• Also ran retargeting display ads cleverly integrated into news articles and ecommerce listings

• Created entertaining and timely reminders that were hard to miss

Driving without insurance is illegal. And yet every year many people forget to renew their insurance on time and end up paying fines. Coverfox an insurance portal, wanted to help people remember in a fun and engaging way.

The solution

Working with Google and agency BBH India, the firm tracked down people who had visited Coverfox, but didn't end up renewing their insurance.

Since no-one reads boring email reminders, the firm decided to take over the things they actually pay attention to. The brand used retargeting pre-rolls made exclusively for them.

The unskippable videos intercepted YouTube for several days, and continued to show up until they renewed their insurance.

Coverfox didn’t stop with YouTube. The reminders followed them everywhere, with faked news articles and shopping products inserted into news sites and online retailers.

The results

The brand succeeded because they created entertaining and timely reminders that were hard to miss (as opposed to being buried under a deluge of email spam).

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