VR case study: Boursin takes consumers on brand journey (inside a fridge)

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Soft cheese supplier Boursin created a virtual reality experience that takes you on a journey through a fridge full of delightful treats.

Case study summary

• Cheese brand created VR experience on Oculus Rift
• Exhibited VR game in various malls and events around the UK.
• Attracted 67,545 YouTube views

The solution

They hired the marketing agency BecauseXM and Hammerheadvr to deliver the project. Boursin exhibited this game in various malls and events around the UK.

The city tour exhibit also included wind jets so they can truly experience this adventure.

The results

• 67,545 YouTube Views
• Winner of Masters of Marketing Award 2015
• 6 City Tour

It’s quite extravagant for a cheese company and we like it because it sets the bar high.

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