Red Bull creates 'smart payphones' in Brazil

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Red Bull gave regular payphones in São Paulo a digital twist. See why its our video viral of the week below.

Red Bull - Smart Payphones from LDC on Vimeo.

The challenge

Red Bull “Smart Payphones” is a new hybrid-system that connects the location of the payphone, with bus timetable and location information to help move people around the city. Created by the LDC Agency in São Paulo.

The system identifies the location of the payphone being used and offers real time information on the buses that make their stop there.

The solution

The energy drink brand 'hacked' payphones in São Paulo to turn old infrastructure into a smarter city landscape as part of its promotion for Red Bull Basement, a festival designed to inspire change in the city through the use of new technology applications.

The campaign used the hashtag #HackTheCity to promote the festival.

The results

The novelty campaign was a success, gaining plenty of earned media from national TV shows.

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