Ecommerce case study: Ted Baker turns catalogue into spy film

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An inventive use of mobile voice search and TrueView Shoppable Videos on YouTube brought Ted Baker’s campaign to life, turning regular clothing catalogue into a cinematic espionage movie.

Case study summary

• British luxury clothing retail company wanted to create excitement around Agents of T.E.D. campaign
• Created trailer and video for YouTube
• Leveraged new shoppable TrueView format
• Used affinity segments, remarketing lists, similar audiences and frequency capping
• Got 1.9m views and 4m film views
• 60% lift in ad recall from those exposed to the ad
• 69% increase in UK consumer searches for "Ted Baker" at peak campaign period

The challenge

To launch Ted Baker’s autumn/winter 2016 collection, a shoppable video served as the centrepiece. Much more than a moving catalogue, the video was a cinematic homage to the stylish espionage movies of the past, created by production company Crown & Owls with executive inspiration from Guy Ritchie. YouTube was used to find the largest possible audience for this film.

For Ted Baker’s creative agency Poke and Google, the task was to amplify the film with the high production content at the core, and to expand the reach and depth of the experience for Ted Baker shoppers.

The solution

The brand’s store windows were used to allow consumers to become participants in the story. Window vinyls in participating stores displayed curious coded phrases. Passers-by were invited to speak these codes into the Google search app on their mobile phones. They were then taken directly to a mobile site specific to that particular code, where they could win prizes.

In the YouTube activity, the key objective was to deliver reach among people ages 25 to 44 and to create excitement around the campaign. Ted Baker also wanted to drive traffic and sales to their online store. A trailer was released first, followed by the main campaign 10 days later. The team set up affinity segments to target fashionistas, then used remarketing lists and similar audiences to scale the full launch after the trailer campaign. Frequency capping was used to drive maximum reach, while the shoppable TrueView format drove direct traffic from the video to product pages on the Ted Baker website.

The results

Both in terms of views and costs per view, the campaign beat Ted Baker’s targets. The trailer had 1.9m views, while the film had 4m views. Brand lift surveys measured the impact of the YouTube campaign on awareness and consideration, and a search lift study measured the impact on searches for Ted Baker. These demonstrated a 60% lift in ad recall from those exposed to the ad and 8% increase in consideration, and a 69% increase in UK consumer searches for "Ted Baker" at the peak campaign period.

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