Castorama's 'Magic Wallpaper' creates interactive bedtime story

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French home improvement retailer Castorama came up with a fabulous idea for kids' bedrooms: interactive wallpaper that you can scan to find a bedtime story.

Case study summary:

• Furniture store wanted to create happy family moments shared at home to boost brand association

• "Magic Wallpaper" features 10 different characters which reveal a story when scanned with a smartphone

• User can scan two different characters and combine them to get a whole new story

The challenge

Castorama's aim is to make home improvement accessible to all. To this end, the retailer offers increasingly innovative and creative ideas. This is the idea behind The Magic Wallpaper: helping to create happy family moments shared at home.

Precisely in these parent-child moments, what could be more cherished than a bedtime story? Castorama and TBWA\Paris have transformed this unique moment into a magical moment.

The solution

"Magic Wallpaper," features 10 different characters conceived and designed by the agency. Each of the printed characters is a digital marker, and when you scan it with a tablet or smartphone you can download a story about the character.

To make things even more interesting, you can scan two different characters and combine them to get a whole new story.

The Magic Wallpaper app comes with two reading modes: an audio version with the voice of a storyteller, as well as a text mode with sound effects available by clicking on certain words. Each story lasts about five minutes.

The app can work in airplane mode in order to limit the exposure to waves, while a night mode with fainter luminosity is also available.

Characters on a child’s wall can be scanned one at a time to create a unique story. Magic Wallpaper features 10 characters which are designed by the agency. Each character can be selected by either a tablet or a smartphone.

For the production of the wallpaper, Castaroma has worked with Graham&Brown in the manufacturing and retail process.

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