Femibion uses Facebook to support product sampling campaign

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German health brand Femibion used Facebook lead ads to efficiently deliver product samples to potential customers, with a conversion rate of 35%.


Case study summary:

• Baby planning brand wanted to generate leads for sampling campaign in Germany

• Worked with Facebook on multi-stage ad campaign culminating in a lead generation phase

• Carousel and link ads based around “baby-making places” with stylish shots of some of the places where women might conceive

• Got 10,000 leads with half the sample distribution costs and a 35% increase in conversion rate

The challenge

'Femibion BabyPlanung' is a pregnancy consumer healthcare product, made by Merck Consumer Health, that provides women and babies with important nutrients. It was launched at the end of 2016.

Merck Consumer Health wanted to raise brand awareness amongst women in Germany. It also wanted to generate leads for its sampling campaign so that people could experience the product and its benefits.

The solution

To successfully raise awareness and consideration of the Femibion Baby Planning product and get it in the hands of women in Germany, Merck worked with Facebook on a multi-stage campaign featuring several ad formats and culminating in a lead generation phase.

The campaign began with carousel and link ads to build awareness, featuring creative designed to appeal to expectant mothers. The idea was based around “baby-making places” and featured stylish shots of some of the places where women might conceive.

The campaign then retargeted lead ads to those who had engaged with the initial ads. These lead ads allowed people to easily sign up to a receive a sample of ‘Femibion BabyPlanung’, which brought attention to the product in a crowded and competitive market.


The results

Thanks to its campaign structure, great assets and precise targeting, Merck’s campaign for Femibion BabyPlanung exceeded expectations. Between December 2016–April 2017, the campaign achieved:

• 10,000 leads generated
• 2X lower sample distribution cost
• 35% increase in conversion rate

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