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Instagram case study: OGX beauty brand reaches millennials with global strategy

OGX tailored its marketing campaigns to reach a larger global audience and quickly optimise local campaigns. This case study looks at how the haircare brand reached over 60% of millennial women in the US, UK, Australia, Germany and Canada.


13/04/2018  |  Full story...

Femibion uses Facebook to support product sampling campaign

German health brand Femibion used Facebook lead ads to efficiently deliver product samples to potential customers, with a conversion rate of 35%.


07/03/2018  |  Full story...

Christmas case study: Pandora builds brand awareness with Facebook’s in-stream video ads

Danish jewellery company Pandora used Facebook’s automatic placement options to create a Christmas video ad series that lifted online sales by over 60%.


02/01/2018  |  Full story...

Mobile marketing case study: Stylight works with Shazam for "fashion mag hijack"

Fashion shopping aggregator Stylight used a new feature on the Shazam app to stage a takeover of a fashion magazine, turning a print medium into a digital shopping experience. This case study looks at how the campaign let the brand to demonstrate its offerings, creating hundreds of direct sales opportunities, and reached thousands of fashion lovers in Germany.

29/09/2016  |  Full story...

Coca-Cola targets millennials with CokeTV YouTube channel

Coca-Cola has created popular YouTube channels in Europe, working with popular YouTube vloggers to take its CokeTV channel to the UK, Germany, France and Spain as the FMCG giant ramps up its content marketing strategy as a new way to engage teens with authentic “eye-level” communication.

21/07/2016  |  Full story...

Twitter case study: Watchmaker goes real-time to promote ‘slow living’

German watch Slow brand used Twitter Ads to raise awareness and engage potential customers. This case study looks at how they used smart targeting on the social network to get two times the conversion rate of other channels.

08/03/2016  |  Full story...

Not just for millennials: German retailer targets older consumers on Facebook

German online fashion retailer Atelier Goldner Schnitt set out to prove that social media is not just for millennials with a successful ad campaign to reach women over 60.


18/02/2016  |  Full story...

Facebook case study: German biscuit maker connects to younger audience

Germany’s famous biscuit-maker used Facebook mobile to build new emotional connection with a younger audience, reposition its brand in everyday life and achieve great sales results on just 6% of its media budget.


03/09/2015  |  Full story...

Marketing fail: Heinz QR codes accidentally link to ‘saucy’ porn site

In a stark warning to brands with too many untracked website domains, Heinz was left embarrassed after a QR code on bottles of Ketchup linked to a hardcore porn site in Germany.


25/06/2015  |  Full story...

Viral case study: Wilkinson Sword claims beards make babies cry

With bushy beards coming back into fashion, how does a shaving brand get rugged hipsters back on their side? This viral video from Wilkinson Sword Germany explains why the hirsute look might not be as fatherly as you might think. The 45-second ad, created by the Labamba Agency in Hamburg, Germany, tracks different fathers first meeting their offspring throughout history- and why a beard can make a bad impression on babies.

18/08/2014  |  Full story...

World Cup marketing trends: Brands react to Germany thrashing Brazil

Germany’s spectacular 7-1 semi final victory over Brazil at the 2014 World Cup broke many records, including some on social media- with many brands joining the conversation. The game attracted a staggering 35.6 million Tweets on the night, becoming the 'most-discussed' single game ever on Twitter as brands flocked to the social network with their own take on the shock defeat for the host nation. The World Cup has become the latest showcase event for Twitter's second-screen ambitions, complete with a promoted section within the company's mobile apps when matches are playing.

This YouTube ad for a German Radio station summed up the night:

09/07/2014  |  Full story...

Social media case study: Nutella Facebook ad campaign outperforms TV


Last Christmas, Nutella ran a cross-platform ad campaign in Germany, mixing traditional and new media spend, including TV and Facebook. This case study looks at how the Facebook campaign generated more sales than TV ads for the food brand. Nutella claims that their Facebook ads accounted for 15 per cent of sales over Christmas, far outperforming their TV campaign. The Facebook ads, which took the form of a full reachblock campaign, promoted the Nutella Deutschland page.

More on this case study…
Brand: Ferrero, Nutella | Country: Germany | Sector: FMCG- Food | Objective: build brand awareness | Format: Facebook, TV

09/11/2012  |  Full story...

Dead Island 'rewinds' official announcement trailer to get 8m Views


In a year of high-profile game releases, this trailer for the relatively unknown game Dead Island was by far the most talked about console ad this year. With an innovative 'reverse story telling' premise, the trailer charts the tragic fate of a family caught up in a Zombie outbreak on a tropical paradise (warning: trailer below contains gory violence). Unlike the typical video game ad, which usually focuses on the action and intensity of the gameplay, the Dead Island trailer tells the emotional story of a family destroyed. The trailer generated 8 million views on Youtube, and tens of thousands of likes on Axis Animation’s Facebook page.

YouTube case study

More on this Case study …
Brand: Techland | Media: Video | Country: US |Sector: Games, Media | Agency: Axis Animation | Format: YouTube

01/08/2012  |  Full story...

Video case study: Mercedes ‘invisible’ car gets 9m YouTube views

csmercedes.jpg This clever publicity stunt from Mercedes has earned the car maker many plaudits. The YouTube video features an 'invisible' car was seeded on numerous sites, including digital media blog Mashable, and attracted more than 9 million views in a couple of months.

More on this case study:
Brand: Mercedes | Media: YouTube, TV, Social Media | Agency: Jung von Matt | Country: Germany | Sector: Automotive

04/04/2012  |  Full story...

Case Study: Canon | Media: MSN | Country: Germany | Sector: IT technology supplier | Objective: Brand awareness, brand repositioning | Format: In-game advertising

canon.jpgAdapting creative to the in-game environment propelled Canon to impressive recall amongst opinion formers and helped to establish the brand as leader of the camcorder pack.

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26/04/2010  |  Full story...

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