Doconomy’s pollution cutting credit card wins Cannes Grand Prix

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The Do Black card is a radical solution to expanding carbon footprints- a credit card that won’t let you buy anything else after you’ve hit your annual carbon limit.


Case study summary

  • Swedish think tank worked with creative agency and Mastercard to create credit card that monitored carbon use
  • Platform let user track, measure and offset their impact
  • Card put a limit that blocks ability to complete transactions if over carbon limit
  • The challenge

    Docononmy is a Swedish-based think tank that wanted to create a new way of mobile banking. It worked with creative agency RBK Communication Stockholm to come up with a credit card that monitored your carbon use as well as your money spent.

    “We realized that putting a limit that blocks your ability to complete the transaction is radical . . . but it’s the clearest way to illustrate the severity of the situation we’re in,” says Johan Pihl, one of the founders of Doconomy, a Sweden-based think tank that is launching the new card in collaboration with the UN Climate Change Secretariat and Mastercard. “We need to address how our consumption is impacting our planet.”

    The solution

    In 2018 Doconomy launched a service called Do, a mobile banking service linked to a payment card, creating a profile of a user’s consumption-based climate impact relevant to all commerce. This profile was created by applying an impact value to categorized products and services.

    The platform allowed the user to track, measure and offset their impact through a number of United Nations Certified Green Projects, while providing data-driven insights to support behavior changes and take climate action through conscious consumption.

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    The results

    Doconomy won the he Creative E-Commerce Grand Prix Lion at Cannes Lions for 2109.

    One of the key trends in ecommerce, is the “atomization of retail,” said Creative eCommerce jury president Daniel Bonner, global chief creative officer, Wunderman. People don’t just buy from stores or online anymore. “They can effectively buy from anywhere. We had work where people were able to buy from live TV, they were able to buy from graffiti on walls across the city. Buy from posters, buy from their friends…The most creative examples of e-commerce are doing this a lot, so you can effectively buy anything and it doesn’t have to be in a store or on a shelf.”

    “[The Doconomy campaign] was well researched, it is a beautiful, simple idea [and] the execution was stunning,” he said. “Not one other entry looked like this or felt like this. Nor was an idea anywhere near this.”

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