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Case study: STA Travel and Off Exploring | Sector: Travel | Format: Website & platform

STA TravelThis pioneering use of blogging by the STA travel business found a way of engaging hundreds of thousands of customers. Rather than creating a corporate blog, STA worked with the technology team at Off Exploring to build a powerful platform their customers could use. They gave the customers of their travel services a blog and by doing this connected together an online community of like-minded individuals. Customers were encouraged to tell the story of their travels, building content and emailing their friends. Instantly the technology was a success, with backpackers writing their letters home to friends and family in the form of web pages that could instantly be linked to from Facebook and other social media. It's a rare example of pioneering social media because it went against the conventions at the time it was created. The technologists at Off Exploring created the framework for this social media platform and then continued to add more tools to it. As consumers are more exposed to different forms of advertising (and in ever-increasing amounts), brands need to listen carefully to what they want: providing the right tools and utility assures cut-through in an increasingly cluttered market.

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