Case Study: Promoting sport to haemophiliacs | Agency: Oi Media and Langland | Country: UK | Sector: Pharma | Objectives: Brand awareness | Format: Games, user generated content, forums

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cs_lacta.jpgAbout 6,000 people are affected with haemophilia in the UK. A preventative treatment (known as prophylaxis) allows those affected to lead virtually normal lives, with sport and exercise playing a vital role lessening the risk of bleeds. Bayer HealthCare hired Oi Media and Langland to create FactorFitness, a website giving haemophiliacs tips on how to get the most out of sport, while educating others on special requirements needed, such as the dedicated ‘Teachers Zone’. By far the most popular area of the site, the ‘Ask and expert’ feature lets people submit questions to resident physio and occupational therapists- providing a valuable resource. The site has a number of interactive features such as games and user generated photo galleries, while patients on Bayer get access to a special members area.

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