How Lego used an augmented reality gaming app for brand engagement

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Lego engaged customers with a ‘Life of George’ app, inviting consumers to combine real Lego bricks and an iPhone to take part in an augmented reality game. Using a free EyeCue-enabled iOS app, players are tasked with recreating ‘George's’ photographs using 144 included Lego bricks on a specialized "green screen-like" gaming mat. Once the model is complete, the user takes a photo with the iDevice to be scored based on building speed and accuracy to the original picture. The $30 kit promises 12 levels featuring 10 photos each, and varying difficulty levels. For added replay value, there's a two player game and a creation mode which lets users create playable models out of their own snapshots. In addition, a Facebook page, lets users chare scores and photos of their creations.

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Brand: Lego |Sector: Games | Format: Augmented RealityGaming App

View a video of the campaign: Lego | View the iTines store: Life of George | View the Facebook page: I am George

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