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Mobile case study: Lego tells Instagram story about new playset

Toy company Lego used Canvas ads in Instagram Stories to increase awareness and sales of its newest playset.


04/01/2018  |  Full story...

Mobile case study: Quest to Legoland turns car journey into adventure for kids

In the summer of 2016, Legoland launched a location-based GPS adventure for kids to keep the whole car happy on road trips to the theme park in Florida.

Quest to LEGOLAND: Case Study "Storytelling" from EVERETT CHING on Vimeo.

07/09/2017  |  Full story...

Facebook case study: Lego videos build brand awareness among mums

Iconic kids’ toy brand Lego created a highly engaging awareness campaign with Facebook video that re-established its value in developing children’s imaginations.

Lego - What's the Story of a Kronkiwongi from Gramercy Park Studios on Vimeo.

11/02/2016  |  Full story...

Top 10 branded Vines of 2015

Twitter's short form video sharing platform Vine celebrated its third birthday this week.

02/02/2016  |  Full story...

YouTube case study: LEGO tells its story with 17-minute CGI cartoon


This 17 minute video from LEGO provides a prime example of how a brand can engage users with long-form online content, rather than 30 second TV commercials. To celebrate its 80th birthday, Lego released an engaging animated short that recounts the company’s beginnings as a carpentry business in Billund, Denmark to the global toy brand it’s become today. Launched on August 10th, the video has so far attracted over 2.3 million views and 34,000 ‘likes’ on YouTube. The viral links back to the brand's Facebook page, with has over 2 million fans so far.

YouTube case study

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Brand: Lego | Country: Denmark | Agency: Lani Pixels | Sector: Retail, Toys | Format: YouTube

21/09/2012  |  Full story...

How Lego used an augmented reality gaming app for brand engagement


Lego engaged customers with a ‘Life of George’ app, inviting consumers to combine real Lego bricks and an iPhone to take part in an augmented reality game. Using a free EyeCue-enabled iOS app, players are tasked with recreating ‘George's’ photographs using 144 included Lego bricks on a specialized "green screen-like" gaming mat. Once the model is complete, the user takes a photo with the iDevice to be scored based on building speed and accuracy to the original picture. The $30 kit promises 12 levels featuring 10 photos each, and varying difficulty levels. For added replay value, there's a two player game and a creation mode which lets users create playable models out of their own snapshots. In addition, a Facebook page, lets users chare scores and photos of their creations.

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Brand: Lego |Sector: Games | Format: Augmented RealityGaming App

View a video of the campaign: Lego | View the iTines store: Life of George | View the Facebook page: I am George


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