Case study: What Barbie is doing wrong on Pinterest

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Toy giant Mattel has been quick to capitalise on the growth of Pinterest, using the online ‘pinboard’ to showcase its flagship Barbie brand. So why has this iconic doll failed to get a single ‘like’ on the site so far? This case study takes a closer look…

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Brand: Mattel, Barbie| Sector: Toys| Format: Social Media

The Barbie account is too generic. They are using Pinterest as if they are a person rather than representing a brand. The brand was a natural fit with for the platform looking at the demographics of Pinterest – more than 80% women. However, the Barbie Pinterest site has 5 boards with 111 pins with 15 following and 0 likes on Pinterest.

They chose to have the pins represent what Barbie herself would pin. The boards are all fashions that Barbie likes. The Pinterest account of Barbie is that of a person rather than of a brand.

Another key flaw is a lack of links back to the brand. The only link in their profile goes to their Facebook page and other brands.

What they need to do is reflect the brand in their boards. This could be by adding pins / boards on Barbie’s accessories, vintage Barbie, Barbie fashion, Barbie art, DIY Barbie – making own accessories for Barbie, movies and music inspired by Barbie.

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