Facebook case study: Interactive Police video asks Who Killed Deon?

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This video campaign used Facebook to campaign against knife crime. Set up the Metropolitan Police, this campaign highlighted Joint Enterprise a little-known law that means anyone knowingly involved in a murder can be charged with murder. To show how even small actions lead to a murder charge, agency Lab created ‘Who Killed Deon?’, a murder mystery Facebook page, inviting viewers to hunt the killer. At its peak, the campaign achieved 250 comments a day, with an average dwell time of 8 minutes. It was 'liked' by 50% of viewers at its peak- 5 times the average of all Facebook campaigns.

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Brand: Public Safety Video (UK Police) | Media: YouTube and Facebook | Country: UK | Sector: Government | Agency: COI | Format: Video and social media

Viewers interacted by guessing which of a group of suspects ‘killed Deon’. Following suspects’ stories, they discovered that although only one committed the stabbing, the others played a small but significant role.

Under Joint Enterprise, everyone involved in this ‘whodunit’ did it, meaning everyone is charged with murder.

Overall, the campaign achieved an engagement level 6 times higher than the average for all Facebook campaigns.

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