Izlesene adds user’s friends to Facebook sign-up box to boost conversions

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Video sharing site Izlesene used Facebook to attract new users and re-engage existing users by sharing the videos they watch with friends by using the built-in Open Graph watch action. Izlesene educates people and communicates the key benefits of sharing activity with friends. Izlesene discovered that some people who initially declined the auth dialog (application's first point of contact) will accept it if they are given more context. Presenting the dialog again with a ‘facepile’ of friends who use the app and a clear call to action made the experience relevant and familiar, which increased conversion. Open-Graph has increased number of videos a user views per day has by over 3 times and monthly active users have grown from 250,000 to over 4,000,000.

Facebook case study | Izlesene

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Brand: Izlesene| Sector: Entertainment | Objective: build brand engagement | Format: Facebook Page

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