Case study: V Energy ‘robbery’ game gets 12% increase in sales

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Earlier this year, V Energy launched an online game in New Zealand inviting customers to steal their share of the $100,000 prize pool from each other. This case study looks at how the energy drinks band increase Facebook engagement 174% and sales 12% through this innovative (and risque) social gaming campaign.

View the video case study below:

Brand: V Energy | Sector: FMCG, Food and Beverage | Country: New Zealand | Partner/agency: Frucor Beverages and Colenso BBDO NZ | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: social, gaming


Launched in March 2013, the game was devised by Frucor Beverages and Colenso BBDO NZ.

It took place in an online city, where players are assigned a hideout to store their cash. Using a city map, they could sneak a peek at which players have stolen the most cash, and form a plan of attack to steal their share.

To take part, players needed to create an online alter ego; complete with an alias and webcam mug shot.

Specially marked 'V Robbers' cans held the codes that are the key to the game, and let players choose between protecting their cash or having a go at stealing cash from other players.

Each player had the chance to walk away with whatever share of the $100K they have been able to steal over the 8 weeks.

Key stats:

• There were 123,000 attempted robberies during the camapaign
• Players spent an average of 23 minutes per site visit.
• Facebook engagement increased 174%.
• V saw sales in New Zealand increase 12%.

Aaron Turk, digital creative director, Colenso BBDO, said: "We're bound to ruffle a few feathers for promoting stealing, but let's be honest, the idea of stealing your share of a cash prize is way more interesting than winning it. We wanted to challenge the traditional WIN WIN WIN promo mechanic."

V Robbers blurred the line between a traditional consumer promotion and an integrated brand idea. The online environment gives consumers a deep, entertaining and engaging experience with V that might even pay back in actual cash.

Luke Rive, marketing manager - Energy, Frucor Beverages NZ, added: "Engaging with our consumers in a meaningful way requires ideas which are both creative and compelling. We need to play in their world. Colenso have been integral in pushing the boundaries and achieving this with the V Robbers campaign."

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