Kellogg's Krave 'Tweet When U Eat' campaign boosts audience engagement

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This summer saw Kellogs embrace social media with a Krave campaign that encouraged users to use Twitter hashtags and linked with Alton Tower’s new ride ‘The Smiler’. This case study uses data from Crimson Hexagon to examine how the campaign generated a total of 76,498 Twitter and Facebook posts just 5% negative sentiments.

Brand: Kellog's | Sector: FMCG, Food and Beverages | Country: UK | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Social Media

How can brands measure social media success and campaign results – including consumer engagement across platforms? Crimson Hexagon completed a social media analysis of Kellogg’s and its summer Krave campaign, which was launched in June to promote awareness of the crunchy chocolate cereal.

The Krave UK social media campaign was designed with influential YouTube video bloggers who were paid to ‘vlog’ and create videos about the cereal. Kellogg’s also partnered with Smiler, the new ride at Alton Towers theme park, to promote Krave.

This included daily challenges and contests promoted by Kellogg’s Krave's social media accounts. Consumers were encouraged to ‘Tweet When U Eat’ as directed on the Krave cereal box, using the hashtag #KraveTheSmiler.

Crimson Hexagon used its ForSight intelligence platform to dig deeper into online discussions about the cereal and found the Krave campaign generated a total of 76,498 Twitter and Facebook posts with the following results:

- 54% of users engaged with the Krave campaign to date

- 8% of users say they eat Krave cereal

- 6% go as far as to say they feel they crave the new Krave cereal

- 5% of sentiment has been negative with users commenting that they are not a fan and that it doesn’t taste as good as it looks

- 4% of social media users discussing Krave comment on how good it tastes

- 2% reference eating Krave at home, whilst 2% say that they eat Krave at work

Kelloggs intended its campaign to be driven by YouTube branded videos, but consumers engaged in a completely different way

Despite the popularity of the vloggers with Krave's teenage target market, consumers were more interested in daily challenges on Krave’s owned media

The Krave campaign is a great example of how social media analysis can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of brand endorsements and to determine the media on which consumers are most engaged (and why) - the analysis found that over half of overall conversation (54%) about Krave reflects engagement with the campaign.


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