Yoghurt brand increases Facebook fans 7% in 2 weeks with social couponing

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FAGE UK hired Coupons.com to run a social couponing campaign to engage consumers via Facebook and drive product trial for its Fruyo range in Waitrose. This case study outlines how the yoghurt brand boosted Facebook fans 7% in just 2 weeks with social couponing.

Brand: Fage | Sector: FMCG, Food and Beverages | Country: UK | Agency/Partner: Coupons.com | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Social and mobile coupons, Facebook

Fruyo is a natural, fat-free, Greek Yoghurt with real fruit pieces, in 8 flavours.

Alison White, PR and Social Media Manager, FAGE UK comments, “Launching a new brand can often be tricky, however we were confident that once people tasted Fruyo, they would be likely to repurchase. Fruyo is most likely to be a substantial yoghurt upgrade for many, therefore the objective was to get the product into as many UK consumer homes as possible.”

She adds, “We decided that a social media coupon campaign via Facebook was the best way to reach the target audience for Fruyo and wanted to use the strong brand presence that TOTAL Greek Yoghurt has built up over the years, in order to achieve this.”

TOTAL Greek Yoghurt’s well-established Facebook page was identified as the ideal platform to promote the new Fruyo range, by offering a print-at-home coupon for the yoghurt which was launched in Waitrose in March 2013.

White comments, “Coupons.com worked together with Facebook solutions agency - Fanbooster and helped us to promote Fruyo in an interesting and relevant way to our desired customer base to ensure that the campaign was not only successful but was also secure and controlled.”

From 10th May 2013, every user who ‘liked’ TOTAL Greek Yoghurt’s Facebook page was offered a print-at-home coupon for a free Fruyo yoghurt worth £1.09, redeemable at Waitrose stores. During the two week campaign, the TOTAL Greek Yoghurt Facebook page received an impressive 7% increase in ‘likes’. By the end of the campaign period, 23rd May 2013, a significant number of coupons had been printed and over 27% of consumers went on to redeem their coupon in Waitrose.

White concludes, “The social media campaign was a success, the free product provided instant gratification and helped to deliver a strong performance. Fruyo is already the UK’s best-selling fruit Greek yoghurt. In the future we will certainly consider other innovative social and digital promotional campaigns involving Coupons.com.”

The Facebook app required users to enter their name and email address, and those who shared this data will be informed about further targeted campaigns in the future, such as eCRM coupons promotions.

Oliver Felstead, Managing Director, Coupons.com UK & Europe, adds, “Social media coupon-based promotions are becoming an increasingly popular mechanic for brands seeking to engage consumers and subsequently drive an in-store response, such as product trial - bringing greater accountability and ROI to FMCG social marketing activities.

“FAGE UK has achieved their desired objectives through clear strategic planning and detailed and secure execution.”


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