Video case study: Fyffes turns bananas into comic strips

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With the help of an innovative laser-print technique, Fyffes managed to print six different comics on banana skins. This case study looks at how the fruit brand managed to get kids to ditch sweets for bananas.

Brand: Ffyfes | Sector: Food | Country: Global | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Video, YouTube

Children in industrialized nations are eating too much fast food and sweets. The result: diabetes and adiposity.

To change this FYFFES initiated a global campaign: The “Banana Comic Week 2013”. In collaboration with the famous CARLSEN Comics the comic-hero “FYFE” was developed – a boy who turned into a superhero by eating a banana. For the very first time and with the help of an innovative laser-print technique six different comics were printed on banana skins.

Serviceplan, Munich launched the banana comic week over nine countries.

Fyffes supplied the banana which had comic strips printed onto the skin and donated them free of charge to kindergartens and schools.

The “Banana Comic Week 2013” were a great success in each of the 9 countries and every school and convinced children and parents how delicious and powerful bananas are.

View this infographic outlining how the campaign worked below:


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