Search case study: LED Hut revamps site search to boost international appeal (and double sales)

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LED lighting provider LED Hut worked with site search firm SLI to drive relevant search results to its base of international customers. This case study looks at how the firm achieved a search convert at a rate 200% higher and spend double the amount in comparison to the site average.

Brand: LED Hut | Sector: FMCG, Consumer technology | Country: UK | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Search, Design

A Magento e-commerce platform retailer, LED Hut was able to easily deploy SLI’s powerful, flexible search solution through Learning Search Connect, the SLI plug-in available from the Magento Connect App Store, which facilitated its cross-border expansion into countries like France, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and more.

The Learning Search Connect site search plug-in utilises a retailer’s data feed to index the full catalogue of online product data and content and creates customisable site search pages that are consistent with the retail site’s look and feel. With powerful features like Rich Auto Complete, Ajax, Dynamic Merchandising, and User-Generated SEO, Learning Search significantly improves the online experience, connects visitors to items they’re likely to purchase quickly and easily, and can generate a two- to three-time increase in conversions for e-commerce brands.

“SLI’s integration with the Magento platform made the process of getting a robust, feature-rich search solution up and running on our site fast and seamless,” said Keith Scott, Marketing Director, Led Hut. “We plan to use the reporting data from the SLI search system and continue A/B testing to maximise the conversion and stickiness of our various international sites. With SLI in place we have seen a 200% increase in conversion rate, and visitors using the SLI-powered search on our website are twice as likely to buy.”

LED Hut turned to SLI because the retailer wanted to provide a customised and relevant search experience across their suite of international sites, while also being able to utilise the sophisticated merchandising and promotional opportunities provided by the Learning Search solution.

For Magento clients, Learning Search Connect automatically generates a data feed from Magento and sends it to SLI via FTP. It then indexes the full catalogue of online product data and content and creates customised search results pages consistent with LED Hut’s look and feel. No manual intervention was required by LED Hut after the initial implementation.

Learning Search Connect has enabled LED Hut to maximise site usability, by delivering more relevant, tailored results to shoppers whilst capturing significant ROI benefits and bolstering brand loyalty. The predictive nature of Learning Search allows customers to search and find what they are looking for much faster than before.
With SLI’s Learning Search the company has seen 200% higher conversion rates for site search users and double average order values in comparison to the site average. Customers using site search also visited double the amount of pages and spent twice as long on the site. The bounce rate of site search users is 35% lower than the site average.

“The goal of SLI Systems’ Learning Search Connect is to allow Magento clients to quickly and easily deliver increased customer satisfaction, through relevant results delivered via a sophisticated SaaS approach,” said Marcus Law, Marketing Manager EMEA for SLI Systems. “By learning from visitor behaviour we ensure that our clients can immediately respond to the needs of their customers. We’re delighted to be able to help LED Hut in delivering the most effective search process possible as their business expands.”

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