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Oreo cookies have won dozens of digital marketing awards for their success in social media, and these vines are a great case study of how a brand can be brought to life to build talkability in just 6 seconds.

Vine is a young and fast growing platform, that’s now part of Twitter full of creative experimentation. Many brands have found it extremely hard to apply, but Oreo’s stop-frame films and 6 second videos have proved a winning formula.

Using the mobile-only social network, Vine, Oreo have the chance to reach consumers on a mobile device in a fun and engaging way. Vines can be included within tweets, to give high impact reach.

Utilising this platform, the brand can take the Oreo “Daily Twist” campaign to a new level, looking through the “Oreo Lens” – giving the Oreo spin to what the people are already talking about.

Vine offers Oreo the chance to create quick brand-driven engaging posts that can feed into their other owned media platforms. Often Oreo’s vines will be linked to directly from the brand’s Facebook page, creating a layered social experience. This is a good example of one creative asset being referenced from many places, and fuelling the conversation simultaneously in many channels. Fans of the Oreo brand on Facebook/Twitter will then follow the brand on Vine.

View the top 10 Oreo Vines below:

Oreo #Olusiions

A popular format for memes and Vine posts are about perspective based optical illusions. The Vine shows an ordinary glass of milk with a stack of Oreos next to it, a hand reaches in and picks and Oreo up and tries to dunk it in the milk only to be stopped by a flat surface. The milk and Oreo stack image is then spun 180 degrees to reveal the incredibly life-like image is an elongated photo that appears to be three dimensional when viewed from the right position.

Oreo Game of Thrones Parody

In order to join the rampant Game of Thrones conversation on Twitter and Vine Oreo uses the hashtag #TakeTheThrone. The Vine opens on an illustration of the cookie with “ALL COOKIES MUST DUNK” written in the brand’s trademark blue typeface. We then see an Oreo perched on the edge of a glass of milk a hand appears brandishing a sword shaped cocktail stick which mock decapitates the Oreo, sending one half into the milk and leaving the cream side of the cookie perched on the glass.

Oreo Cappuccino Snack Hack

Oreo have launched a campaign on Social sites under the hashtag #SnackHacks. These take the form of simple to try to enhance your Oreo experience. This Vine shows you how to infuse milk with Oreo cookies, taking a bowl of milk adding two Oreos and leaving it to stand in the Fridge for 12 hours, the Oreo milk is then frothed and added to a cappuccino.

Oreo Forever

A popular feature of Vine videos is that they loop continuously, giving users the ability to edit their vines so the start and the end merge seamlessly. Oreo use the Hashtag #OreoForever and depicts a super- close up of the cookie, the camera pulls out to reveal one Oreo, then continues to pull out to reveal an entire grid of Oreos before fading to brown and repeating the process again, creating a never ending multiplying Oreo loop.

Oreo New Year’s Eve Count Down

In order to get in on the new year celebrations Oreo uses stop motion animation to recreate the times square ball drop new year count down. The Vine depicts an Oreo sliding down a straw into a glass of milk, when the Oreo is fully submerged in the Milk the Vine erupts into a loud celebration with streamers being thrown at the glass and party horns being blown.

Oreo Shining Parody

Around Halloween Oreo remade classic scenes from horror films. This Vine remakes the elevator blood scene from the shining with an Oreo cookie as the protagonist. The Oreo moves down a corridor and round a corner, the camera swivels to reveal an elevator door which then stars to spurt milk towards the Oreo

Oreo Popcorn

This vine continues on the #SnackHack campaign. In the 6 seconds provided by Vine a person in a t shirt which depicts a huge Oreo cookie crushes several Oreos with a rolling pin then adds the Oreo crumbs to a large bag of popcorn which is then shaken around, the Vine ends with a bowl of Oreo infused popcorn being presented to the camera.

Oreo Launch Mega Stuf

Oreo get the word out about the relaunch of the tripple stuffed Oreo with a Vine that shows two hands closing in three stacked Oreos. Using stop motion animation the Vine shows the hands removing two of the biscuit parts of the stack and letting the Oreo cream combine to make the tripple stuffed oreo or the ‘Mega Stuf’

Oreo Sprinkles

Oreo lets their creative team drive a lot of their Vine posts and drive fun and useful tips to enjoy the cookie under the #SnackHacks tag. This Vine shows you how to crush up several Oreos and put the pieces into a peppermill, which will allow you to grind up your Oreos onto desserts. The Vine ends with the viewer being presented with a bowl of Ice cream generously covered with a fine Oreo powder.

Oreo Freeze Pops

This Vine take an adeventourous twist by showing how to make frozen oreo ice lollies. The Vine depicts a person in t shirt with a large Oreo printed on it, the Vine then shows how a few Oreos broken up and added to disposable cup of milk with a posicle stick protruding from it can be frozen and then enjoyed as a frozen Oreo snack.

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