PacSun partners YouTube content creators for back-to-school campaign

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To coincide with the back to school season, clothing brand PacSun has released a four-video series in partnership with a popular YouTube fashion channel. See why it’s our video viral of the week below.

The brand is using content created by selected uploaders from YouTube's StyleHaul channel, which has 150 million subscribers and features videos dedicated to global fashion and beauty for women.

Content creators MamaMiaMakeup, BeyondBeautyStar, MyLifeAsEva and Macbby11 -- who have a combined 3.5 million subscribers -- will highlight PacSun's Bullhead Denim products and encourage viewers to submit their brand interactions.

The fashion and beauty experts provide their own ensemble suggestions in the spots (which incorporate PacSun’s Bullhead Denim line). The young women are also encouraging their viewers to submit their own ideas and styles involving the brand.

PacSun realised there was huge opportunity by marketing their products by partnering with YouTube stars.

Speaking to AdWeek, Gary Schoenfeld, president and CEO of PacSun, discussed the company's decision to embrace the YouTube strategy: "The retail landscape is incredibly cluttered, so the key is to figure out ways to bring products to customers in new and unexpected ways. We know that YouTube stars have influential power with their fans—even more so than celebrities, in some cases—so for us, it was the perfect opportunity to showcase PacSun and its product in a new way."

The four-part series runs through the end of September, and you can catch the first two videos on PacSun’s YouTube channel.

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