Cashless payment fail: Chaos at festival as system crashes

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In a stark reminder of the perils of having a digital-only plan, a UK music festival plunged into chaos in June 2015 as its cashless payment system failed- leaving music fans unable to buy food or drink and being forced to queue for hours.


Popular metal festival Download introduced the new payment-enabled 'Dog Tags' this year in a bid to speed up queuing and reduce crime.

However, the devices have proved unpopular with many taking to social media to express their frustration, with users branding it 'useless' and a 'complete joke.'

Others told how they were left hungry and thirsty and bombarded organisers with angry messages on both Twitter and Facebook.

Many said their wristbands do not contain the money they loaded on.

Other festivals have gone cashless before. Wireless has been equipped for the service as an option since 2012, but this is the first time that there has been no safety net.

With no failsafe, back-up or cash alternative, hundreds have been left frustrated.

The official website explained that users would need to register their ticket online beforehand and then exchange the physical ticket for a Dog Tag wristband when entering the festival site.

A statement read: 'We can’t trust Download Dog anymore so the festival is going absolutely cashless this year – the first major UK festival to do so. Which is pretty epic.

'Not only will it reduce queues for the bar and food stalls, it removes the faff of cash and makes security on site even tighter.'

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