Instagram case study: Philadephia gets 41% uplift in Christmas sales with party push

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Philadelphia was one of the first brands in Australia to use Instagram advertising. The campaign captured the attention of foodies and achieved a lift in key brand metrics as well as product sales.


The challenge

Philadelphia wanted 25- to 54-year-old females to think of the Pourovers product whenever they were planning an impromptu or casual social gathering, rather than just at specific calendar occasions, such as Christmas.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is a long-standing staple in Australian kitchens and forms
the basis of some of the nation’s favorite recipes. The “Philly Pourovers” line combines the original product with a range of tasty flavored sauces, which can be
used as a dip or to add pizzazz to party dishes.

The solution

Philadelphia used Instagram to connect with a community who appreciate beautiful
photography and are looking for new ways to present their food for friends.

The brand developed a suite of tactile Instagram images that featured the cream
cheese shaped into fun, summer-themed artworks, like a pair of sunglasses and a
cricket set. Philadelphia successfully integrated the product messaging of the three
different Pourover flavors with the emotion and energy of entertaining.

The results

The results from Philadelphia’s campaign are some of the best that Instagram has
seen from brands around the world. The campaign drove message association
between the product range and entertaining, an 8-point lift in purchase intent and as
part of the brand’s overall media mix, achieved a tremendous 41% percent uplift in
sales, compared to the year average in the 8 weeks leading up to Christmas.

Bianca Melky, Senior Brand Manager at Philadelphia, said: It was critical to this campaign’s success to engage consumers in an environment where they are actively seeking entertaining inspiration. Instagram has established itself as a platform that provides inspiration and allowed us to reach people in this frame of mind with a dynamic, storytelling approach to content."


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