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Influencer marketing is becoming a greater part of the digital marketing mix, as brands look to key advocates to spread the word. This case study will look at how Marriott hotels are leading the way with content marketing by collaborating with key influencers.

Case Study Summary

• Marriott hotels’ marketing strategy is based around the 3Cs – content, community and commerce

• Marriott hotels have collaborated with key influencers on a range of digital platforms to create great content for its target audience

• Marriott hotels created two original films which combined have over 9million views on YouTube

Content marketing

Marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers.

Influencer marketing

A form of marketing whereby the focus is placed on marketing to key individuals who have a sway over the things other people buy rather than the target market as a whole. Influencer marketing is a very valuable tool for brands as 92% of consumers look to people they know for referrals more than any other source (TapInfluence & Influitive), sharing content through influencers increases conversion by at least three to ten times (The Shelf) and 70% of companies using influence marketing earn at least $2 or more for every $1 spent (Tomoson).

This has evolved from brands using celebrities to endorse products. In particular brands are working with influencers to create great content.

The challenge

Marriott hotels wanted to develop its content marketing strategy to build a worldwide community of people passionate about travel to drive commerce to Marriott hotels. This idea is based on the “3Cs” strategy: content, community and commerce. “It’s no longer about brand-first. It’s about giving consumers content that adds value to their lives, and in return adds value to us” David Beebe, Vice President of Global Creative and Content for Marriott International hotels.

The solution

Marriott decided to collaborate with influencers. An exclusive deal with Jackson Harries from JacksGap, a YouTube channel which has over 4 million subscribers saw Jack create three short video films focusing on destinations that Marriott currently serves. By doing this the focus was on the influencers whose command resonates with their fans. It is important to build relationships with influencers in order to optimise multiple digital channels.

Marriott hotels also collaborated with influencers on Snapchat, Shaun McBride and Casey Neistat who appeal to millennials. Snapchat is one of the biggest platforms young people use and as one of Marriott’s target audiences is the next generation traveller, a younger traveller, partnering with storytellers who produce compelling stories where Marriott is the hero of the story, enables Marriott hotels to connect with this audience.


Marriott hotels have also collaborated with musicians to create the Navigator Live, a series of videos that take visitors behind the scenes with musicians who perform at Marriott hotels.

Lastly Marriott hotels have created two original short feature films, which are available on Marriott’s YouTube channel as well as in Marriott hotel rooms. The films aim to remind viewers that travel should inspire and delight. The first film “Two bellmen” has had over 5 million views on YouTube and the second “French Kiss” over 6 million views.
The results
• Marriott hotels have had great success creating great content with influencers and the hotel brand has ensured that it has remained the centre of its collaborators stories
• The two short feature films created by the hotel brand have had over 9 million views on YouTube
• Marriott hotels has had success connecting with a younger audience of next generation travellers by collaborating with influencers on YouTube and Snapchat
• Marriott hotels have been able to create relevant, talkable content by collaborating with influencers

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