Case study: Android ‘Friends Furever’ becomes most shared viral ever

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In February 2015, Google’s Android ramped up the cuteness overload for its follow up ad to ‘Be Together, Not The Same’. But by pairing unlikely animals, the mobile operating system drove home a powerful message that helped it become the most shared ad ever.

Case Study Summary

  • Android emphasises open platform with cute video that pairs unlikey animals
  • Charming video becomes the most shared ad of all time
  • Video is shared 6.4 million times across Facebook, Twitter and blogs.
  • The challenge

    Google's Android is global market leader in the mobile operating system market, but Apple's iPhone and iPad continue to lead in terms of engagement and monetisation. The internet giant wanted to find ways to emphasise the open platform of Android, which allows greater customisation than its iOS counterpart.

    The solution

    Google produced a heart warming video showcasing animals forming unlikely friendships. Directed by Agency Droga5, each clip in the montage features unconventional pairs of animals: dogs and elephants, chimps and horses, even tigers and bears. I

    Besides the obvious 'aww' value, ‘Friends Furever’ is the ideal complement to the ‘Be Together. Not The Same’ campaign the brand launched last year.

    The results

    According to data and video tech company Unruly, the one-minute clip has become the most shared ad of all time. It has been shared a total of 6.4 million times across Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

    The ad overtook Activia's 2014 World Cup ad, "La, La, La" starring Shakira, which was shared a total on 6.1 million times.

    What really makes it stand out is the execution. While animal videos (and particularly, cat videos) tend to share well since they evoke feelings of warmth and comfort, we know it takes more than a slapdash iMovie montage to reach nearly a million shares.

    Where Android succeeds is in producing a spot that exists simultaneously as a charming, shareable piece of content and an extension of its brand messaging.

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