Video case study: Heart-wrenching Met Life ad shows sacrifices parents make

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This tear-jerking ad from MetLife Hong Kong is a tribute to the sacrifices parents make for their children on a daily basis. The ad became hugely popular on YouTube, getting 27 million YouTube and Facebook Video views for the life insurance firm.

Case study summary

• Long form video connects life insurance to consumer in powerful and emotional way

• Content links to social media campaign to submit dreams parents have for their children

• 27.6 million people viewed the video on Facebook and YouTube

The Challenge

Rather than bombard potential customers with facts and figures about premiums, Chinese life insurance firm Met Life wanted to connect to them in an emotional way that conveyed why they would want to take out life insurance- to protect the ones they love.

The solution

Titled "'My dad's story': Dream for My Child," the commercial shows a father reading an essay his young daughter wrote about him.

As the little girl's voice narrates the essay, she praises her father for being her "Superman," "the sweetest daddy in the world," "the smartest," "the most clever," and "the kindest."

But then she reveals she knows more about her father than he lets on -- the pain he hides behind his smile. "He lies," she says. "He lies about having a job. He lies about having money.

He lies that he's not tired. He lies that he's not hungry. He lies that we have everything. He lies ... because of me."

It becomes clear that the father is taking a wide range of menial jobs to earn money for his daughter’s education. The final message, “A child’s future is worth every sacrifice”. MetLife invites viewers to visit the site where they can submit their dreams for their children for a chance to win a 3-year endowment plan, and find out about MetLife’s EduCare saving plans for parents to save money for children’s higher education.

The results

The video has touched people all over the region, engaging over 300 million people:

• 27.6 million people viewed the video on Facebook and YouTube

• 7 million people shared the video with their friends and family.

• 268 million people have read about the video through 91 news reports

• 280,000 people visited BIDV MetLife and MetLife microsites in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Vietnam

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