Social media marketing: How Sprite got 2 million Snapchat views

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In November 2015 Sprite Brazil put Snapchat codes on all its cans, resulting in a surge of activity on the social messaging platform with more than 2 million views in a few days. The Snapchat codes on the cans act like QR codes and led consumers directly to accounts on the messaging app.


Case study summary:

• Drinks brand Sprite printed Snapchat codes on its cans in Brazil as part of a social media marketing campaign

• In order to engage with ‘Gen Z’ (Sprite’s main target audience) Sprite decided to use Snapchat as the centre of the campaign

• Sprite received 2 million Snapchat views in a few days


Sprite has a very young target audience in Brazil, connecting with Gen Z is a continual challenge for brands, so Sprite decided to use Snapchat to engage with them. Through Snapchat Sprite was able to give consumers access to exclusive content. Due to the nature of the platform content is only available for 24hrs; this sense of urgency can lead to a surge in activity, as no one in Gen Z wants FOMO (fear of missing out).


For the campaign “RFRSH na lata” which translates to “refresh the can”, Sprite printed the Snapchat codes of celebrities and everyday Snapchat users on the cans as a touch point for consumers to explore new content. Sprite worked with accounts run by people and artists popular in Brazil, including PC Siqueira, Pyong Lee the Magic Korean, graffiti artist Chivitz and skater Dwayne Fugundes.

Users also had the opportunity to submit their Snapchat codes to Sprite’s website for the chance to be one of the codes on the cans and increase their own Snapchat following.


• The campaign was a great success in Brazil and caused a surge in the number of Sprite’s snapchat followers

• Sprite saw 2 million views on its Snapchat account in a few days

• Over 500 people entered their Snapchat codes to be in with the chance of having their profile on sprite cans

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