Twitter case study: Watchmaker goes real-time to promote ‘slow living’

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German watch Slow brand used Twitter Ads to raise awareness and engage potential customers. This case study looks at how they used smart targeting on the social network to get two times the conversion rate of other channels.

Case study summary:

• Watch firm targets 30- 45 years olds drawn to ‘slow living’
• Found visitors from Twitter spent longest time on site
• Local campaigns used A/B testing to optimise Twitter Ads
• The brand attained two times the conversion rate than on other channels

The challenge

Slow (@theslowwatch) is a German company that designs and sells Swiss-made watches with an unusual 24-hour one-hand concept. It mostly sells online and focuses its marketing on people aged between 30 and 45 who may be tired of the rat race and drawn by the idea of ‘slow living’.

The @theslowwatch team wanted to make the most of the global, conversational nature of Twitter to build international brand awareness and engagement. They also sought to gain new customers by pushing traffic to their website.

The solution

The brand targeted urban professionals in the US, the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
Slow was particularly focused on growing their customer base in the US and the UK, and in German-speaking markets in Europe. They ran individual campaigns targeted at each of these markets, marrying tailored creative with Twitter Ads geo-targeting.


They found website visitors who came from Twitter spent significantly longer on their website than those from other sources. Their cost-per-order for leads generated by Twitter was also much lower than average.


While using Twitter Ads, @theslowwatch ran extensive A/B testing to see which messages, copy and creative worked best to engage their target audiences. The team could then optimize campaigns based on the test results.


The results

The brand gained new customers by pushing traffic to their website, getting two times the conversion rate than on other channels.

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