Case study: Hardware retailer Lowe’s used Snapchat to reach a new audience

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Hardware retailer Lowe’s had a new generation of home owners to market to, the digitally savvy millennial generation. This group didn’t grow up wielding hammers or fixing shower curtains; they are typically less experienced with home maintenance compared to the generations before them; and this has created a knowledge gap - just as this demographic moves into home ownership. Lowe’s is tackling the problem by training millennials on social media; giving them the confidence to take on home improvement projects.

Case study summary

• Hardware retailer Lowe’s used Snapchat to launch “In a Snap”, a campaign which took users step by step through a through a home improvement project

• By tapping in the right place on their smartphone users could drill, hammer and chisel their way through a DIY project

• The campaign sets a new standard for creating “how-to” video content which is instructional as well as simple and easy to follow

• In the first 3 days of the campaign the Lowe’s received over 300k organic views on Snapchat, an unprecedented number for a hardware store on the platform

The objective

Lowe’s already creates lots of “how-to” content that is informative and instructional; and they have a reputation as a trusted resource for home maintenance “know how”. However as their customer base expands to include millennials, Lowe’s needed to find a way to connect with this new, young, and digital group. “Content needed to be more inspiring with a focus on digital and social.” - Marcie Grebstein, CMO of Lowe’s.

The insight

The way millennials choose to consumer information is radically different to their parents, with videos as their learning medium of choice, opposed to text heavy manuals. The key to tap into this market for Lowe’s was to make “how-to” video content that is fun, inspiring and easy to follow for less experienced audiences, ultimately giving them the confidence to take on home improvement projects.

The solution

Social media has completely changed the way brands create “how-to” content. Today’s social era is less about utility and more about “shareability”.

To make content specifically for social media, Lowe’s assembled an in-house social media team with assistance from agency BBDO. They created “In a Snap” a series of interactive videos on Snapchat where viewers had to hammer down nails or put up bathroom tiles to complete a DIY project, if they did successfully they could even put the kettle on.

And when Instagram released its Stories feature, Lowe’s and BBDO immediately converted a “In a Snap” videos into Instagram Stories.

The results

• Gained 8700 new followers on Snapchat in first three days (Lowe’s was new to the platform and had no followers before this)
• Over 300k organic views
• Inspired new homeowners


• Cannes Lions 2016 Promo And Activation Digital & Social: Use of Social Platforms Silver Lion
• Cannes Lions 2016 Direct Digital & Social: Use of Mobile Bronze Lion
• Webby Awards 2017: best social video series

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