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As the controversial EU cookie law came into effect last weekend, Channel 4 managed to communicate the idea of collecting user data as part of a positive brand message, with a little help from comedian Alan Carr. The ‘Viewer Promise’ email and video campaign drew upon the broadcaster’s 2011 data strategy 2011 to give viewers a more personalised experience, which helped it amass a database of 2 million viewer profiles.

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Watch the C4 video featuring Alan Carr here:

Each subscriber was sent an email with a message outlining the changes and a link to the video featuring Alan Carr. The humourous video explains to the viewer how how ‘in love’ Channel 4 are with them, and how it will use their personal data to deliver a better experience tailored around their likes.

The email begins: “We know stuff like this can be a little daunting so... we’ve asked Alan Carr to give a quick intro to the Viewer Promise. You can watch it here, and if you’re keen to find out more, there’s plenty more information on our Viewer Promise and our Policies too.”

View the email in its entirety here:


Registered users now get weekly email newsletters, access to My 4oD and the library of 4oD programmes, online premieres and exclusives. They can also use the new Scrapbook service to keep tips and ideas from Channel 4 lifestyle shows and across the web.

The new policy, in compliance with the revised e-Privacy Directive, is pledging to give viewers greater transparency and control over their personal data when they sign up through 4oD or any of its other digital products and services.

Specifically Channel 4 commits:

• Never to sell personal data to any third parties.
• Not to clutter email inboxes with stuff people don't want.
• To ensure those who want their personal details back have them wiped from Channel 4 systems and are not contacted again.

"The trust placed in us by our viewers is paramount, so we're launching our Viewer Promise to show our commitment to giving people transparency and control over their information. " says Gill Whitehead, Channel 4's Director of Audience, Technology and Insight.

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