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Case study: Dove links pack promotions to mobiles to boost cross selling

Brandtone partnered with Unilever in 2013 to drive the rate of sales across the Dove portfolio in Russia. This case study looks at how the beauty brand linked on-pack promotion with a mobile campaign to drive cross-selling opportunities across Russia- boosting repurchase sales by 21% in some cases.


13/08/2014  |  Full story...

Case study: P&G ‘saves up to 25%’ of its digital ad budget with eye tracking technology

P&G worked with eye-tracking technology firm Sticky to optimise its digital branding campaigns. This case study looks at how the consumer packaged goods giant saved up to 25% on some of its campaigns by ensuring the ads it paid for were seen by consumer online.

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Brand: P&G | Sector: FMCG, Food and Beverage | Country: UK | Agency/partner; Sticky, Eyetrackshop | Objective: brand awareness and favourability | Format: Media buying, Eye tracking, analytics|

06/06/2013  |  Full story...

Case study: Digital retargeting campaign converts leads into sales


At the start of the year, a leading specialist insurer approached performance marketing company Clash Group for help driving requests for quotes and sales of their small business insurance across the States. This case study looks at how the retargeting digital campaign drove 29,000 individuals to click on the ad over three months.

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Sector: Financial, Insurance | Country: US | Agency/partner: Clash Group | Objective: brand awareness and favourability | Format: Media buying, Display |

06/06/2013  |  Full story...

Cookie case study: C4 uses new cookie law to its advantage


As the controversial EU cookie law came into effect last weekend, Channel 4 managed to communicate the idea of collecting user data as part of a positive brand message, with a little help from comedian Alan Carr. The ‘Viewer Promise’ email and video campaign drew upon the broadcaster’s 2011 data strategy 2011 to give viewers a more personalised experience, which helped it amass a database of 2 million viewer profiles.

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Brand: Channel 4 | Media: Video, email | Country: UK | Sector: TV| Format: Email, Video

14/09/2012  |  Full story...

Case Study: NetSupport | Media: Google | Countries: UK | Sector: IT software | Objectives: Direct response, increasing conversion, targeting, optimisation | Format: Search

NetSupport.jpgNet Support, a software development company from Peterborough, UK, needed efficient and cost-effective marketing to expand into new markets in North America, Asia and the Middle East.. To achieve this goal they began by targeting relevant inventory in international markets on the Google content network. It developed this strategy by launching rich media advertising created by Google Display Ad Builder. As a result they achieved 15-25% conversion rates on the Google content network, 1.5 million+ impressions per day on the content network and saved design costs on creating individual image ads.

Download the case study: NetSupport - Google AdWords | Google AdWords | NetSupport


Case Study: Cambria Automobiles | Media: Google | Countries: UK | Sector: Automotive | Objectives: Direct response, lead generation, targeting, optimisation | Format: Search

motorparks.jpgCumbria Automobiles ( in the UK needed a marketing tool to drive their expansion in tough economic conditions. To achieve these goals the company invested in Google AdWords to promote new dealerships and utilised the the reporting on Google Analytics. As a result, quadrupled its market share and helped fuel exponential growth of new dealerships.

Download the case study: Cambria Automobiles - Google AdWords | Google AdWords | Cambria Automobiles


Case Study: Golden Pages | Media: Google | Countries: Ireland | Sector: Directory | Objectives: Direct response, lead generation, targeting, optimisation | Format: Search

Golden%20pages.jpgGolden Pages, a household directory name in Ireland for over 40 years, was in need of efficient tools to help manage their directory of products and services as well as client accounts. To resolve this problem, the company began using the new Google AdWords interface. The effect of the implentation of AdWords meant greater convenience and time saved, with improved navigability and interactive graphs.

Download the case study: Golden Pages - Google AdWords | Google AdWords | Golden Pages


Case Study: Ambergreen | Media: Google | Countries: UK | Sector: Marketing agency | Objectives: Direct response, lead generation, targeting, optimisation | Format: Search

ambergreen.jpgAmbergreen, a digital marekting agency based in Edinburgh, UK, needed more efficient management of AdWords accounts. To address this problem they began exploring the new tools and functionalities of the new Google AdWords interface. The result was clear as significant time savings were made along with improved account management effectiveness for Ambergreen's range of blue chip clients.

Download the case study: Ambergreen - Google AdWords | Google AdWords | Ambergreen


Case Study: Adidas | Media: MSN | Sector: Clothing | Objective: Engagement, lead generation, direct response, integration | Format: Online game

adidas.jpgSupporting its integrated ‘Predator vs F50’ campaign through a Windows Live Messenger game proved a winning formula for adidas, with the online platform a key player in driving consumer interaction – and registrations for the campaign’s star-studded ‘Predator vs F50’ contest.

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Case Study: All-Nippon-Airways - ANA | Media: MSN | Country: Japan | Sector: Travel | Objective: Click-through, direct response, engagement, lead generation | Format: Online advertising, Rich media

ANA.jpgEncouraging MSN users to browse flights and check availability through an innovative ‘mouse-over’ ad format gave All Nippon Airways (ANA) lift off in conversions.

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Case Study: Motorola | Media: MSN | Country: Spain | Sector: IT telecommunications | Objective: Brand awareness, click-through, direct response, purchase intent | Format: Video, online advertising

Motorola.jpgInviting Spanish rock fans to jam online through MSN Video ensured a big audience reaction when Motorola’s new EM325 handset took to the stage. With ads on Windows Live Messenger alone delivering 39,500 click-throughs in 3 hours, a sell-out crowd was guaranteed.

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