Aliens invade bus shelter for Pepsi Max stunt

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London commuters witnessed alien invasions, escaped tigers and giant tentacles emerging from a bus stop window, as part of this new video campaign from Pepsi Max. This case study looks at how the drinks brand generated 5 million YouTube views in a fortnight from a single YouTube upload (and some digital effects trickery)...

As part of its ‘Unbelievable’ campaign, the drinks brand installed a London bus stop on New Oxford Street with digital technology and a camera facing the street behind the shelter, giving the illusion that the digital display was a glass window panel.

The different effects were then played on top of this image, causing passers by to stop, stare and take pictures.

The augmented reality stunt soon became a hit with shocked and stunned passers by, who were given an opportunity to experience and interact with the world around them in a novel and entertaining way.

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