Storytelling marketing case study: How Country Crock captured a real and honest mother’s story to connect with mums across the US

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The national American spreads brand Country Crock released a video marketing campaign over the Christmas period to create a true and touching snapshot of family life. The video is a great example of how Country Crock used storytelling to connect with its target audience.

Case study summary

• The advert tells the story of Holly, an American mother of three who wants to spend more quality time with her family

• The campaign connects with mothers by focusing on the joy of quality time spent with children when baking

• The campaign has been viewed 1.4 million times on YouTube

The challenge

In order to connect with their target market - mothers across the US, Country Crock decided to create a marketing campaign that would focus on family values. To do this Country Crock decided to centre their campaign on quality time spent with children when baking rather than the finished product of baked goods.

The solution

Country Crock collaborated with agency Story Worldwide to capture a real and honest story for mothers all over the US. The campaign focuses on the story of Holly, a mother of three, who feels guilty about not spending enough quality time with her children. In the video Holly and her family spend time together baking (using Country Crock as one of the ingredients). The campaign focuses on the benefits of spending quality time together as a family and teaching children about baking rather than focusing the finished baked product. The tag line “So much good happens when we bake”.

The results

The campaign was a huge success creating a true and touching snapshot of this family and connecting with families all over the US. Released on national TV and online, the video has been viewed over 7 million times.

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