Snickers gets YouTubers to post terrible videos when hungry

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In another fun take on the brand’s slogan, Snickers got famous YouTubers to post bad videos showing how hunger can affect performance.

Snickers - Twitch from Sei Rey Ho on Vimeo.

Case study summary

• Snickers updates slogan for Millenials by getting Vloggersd and Twitch stars involved

• Influencers create content and undertake gaming challenges while hungry to show then having an off day

• Campaign earned Cannes Lions award and won new followers

The challenge

The Snickers “You're Not You When You're Hungry" is five years old-so how do you bring it to a new generation?

The solution

The brand got video bloggers all over the world to post intentionally bad videos—pretending they recorded them while they were hungry, and thus weren't themselves.
The "You're Not YouTube" campaign launched simultaneously in eight countries and included 13 popular "how-to" vloggers on YouTube. In each video, it's clear something is wrong as the usually sure-footed hosts appear completely off their game.

For example, in the one U.S.-based video, style and motivational guru Jessica Harlow, who's usually so put together, apathetically shows fans how to "let yourself go."

The chocolate bar brand then moved on to Twitch—the gaming platform where thousands of gamers live-broadcast video of themselves playing.

Working with BBDO New York, Snickers ‘Swotcheroo’ campaign partnered with three gamers who have hundreds of thousands of followers apiece, and had each of them start playing poorly—very unlike them—the hungrier they got. Then the stunt got even more peculiar, thanks to some costumes.

The results

The ad campaign earned Snickers a prestigious Cannes Lions award at the 2016 festival. It attracted many Twitch and social media users who logged on view the hungerry Vloggers and gamers.

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