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Case study: Brandcast Media | Agency: Random42 | Country: UK | Sector: Pharma | Objectives: Targeting, engagement | Format: Online educational tools, Video

cs_lacta.jpg European cancer research is of a very high quality but is fragmented, un-coordinated and slow in translating benefits to patients. If state of the art treatment was available to all cancer patients, the World Health Organisation has estimated that over 20,000 lives would be saved annually. Targeted at oncology professionals, ecancermedicalscience actively encourages the communities of sub-specialised scientists and cancer carers to exchange ideas and research, speeding up the time it takes from discovery, to patient benefit. The peer-reviewed, online journal hired Brandcast Media to revamp its site. The site now includes social media with blogs, forums and a Twitter feed, as well as podcasts and an video section.


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