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British Airways encourages Brits to stay home to support team GB


Olympic sponsor British Airways is asking supporters of the British Olympics team not to fly during the games in order to help British athletes. For their 2012 Olympic campaign British Airways highlighted the importance of the "home advantage" to athletes when they compete and encouraging Brits to stay home during the games in order to support them as much as possible and provide "the greatest home advantage we can give them".

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Brand: British Airways | Media: Facebook, Social Media | Country: UK |Sector: Travel | Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty |

07/08/2012  |  Full story...

Case study: British Airways | Agency: Incentivated | Sector: Travel | Objectives: Engagement, reputation management | Format: Mobile

British Airways MobileMobile enhances passenger experience for BA

British Airways launched a new mobile service that could provide passengers with up to the minute the information about their flights. Passengers enter their mobile numbers via Up-to-the-minute SMS alerts are sent if their flight is going to be delayed or is cancelled. Messages are sent in a number of languages. The service integrates with BA’s existing information system.

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Agency: Incentivated | Client: British Airways | Sector: Transport | Objective: Customer retention | Format: mobile and search

ba.jpgThrough the website customers could enter their mobile numbers to receive up-to-the minute flight and contact information. During disruption caused by terrorist activity in August 2006 over 20,000 SMS messages were sent to BA passengers and cabin crew in 87 countries over a four-day period, which was 18 times more traffic than the previous highest. This campaign combined direct response mechanics of search with the awareness building properties of graphical formats.

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Agency: Taglab | Client: Avis and Visa | Sector: Finance | Objective: Customer acquisition | Format: Dedicated website

A specially developed site to promote the customer benefits of the partnership between Avis and British Airways. The site recognised returning visitors automatically, delivering tailored offers and benefits based upon the user's Executive Club membership status. Taglab Publisher was used to control when offers were presented, and to whom. Taglab developed a microsite with “remember me” cookie functionality, that stores which tier of the Executive Club each passenger belongs to.

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