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Case study: Talk Talk | Sector: Telecoms | Format: Social Media

Talk Talk Forever StoryA brilliant example of taking a big idea and applying it online. Using the web as a platform for engagement, Talk Talk aligned with the Treehouse autism charity to create The Forever Story, persuading thousands of consumers to take part and collaborate in what became a Guinness world record for the largest multi-author story ever: 8000 entries, 20 hours of content, podcasts, Facebook apps - and of course, the story continues, online.

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07/05/2009  |  Full story...

Case study: | Agency: FitchLive | Sector: Army recruitment | Format : Content creation and event amplification

ArmyOnEverest.jpgWhen the Army planned their assault on the West Ridge of Everest in 2006, there was an opportunity to engage young potential recruits by letting that story be told. Climbed only once in 30 years, only one group had ever made it to the top. PCIFitch were supplying the raw materials from the field back into the mainstream media as well as the web. The intention was to touch audiences through streams on the web, podcast downloads, iTunes and the broadest range of touchpoints. Over a million viewers enjoyed streamed content, blogs were posted to the site from the mountain and to feed into the recruitment processes, schools were targeted with lesson plans created for teachers and games for their students. Integration included downloadable posters and images, text alerts and more than a dozen different channels. The campaign went on to win the “Best digital campaign of 2006” at the Campaign awards. When we interviewed Peter Cowie, Managing partner at FitchLive who were behind the work, said “great work comes from the chemistry of the teams working together. The effect of the campaign included attracting 1m people, 30,000 of whom claimed they were ‘interested’ in joining the army. 3,500 are likely to be recruited as a direct result of the campaign”. For Peter it’s clear that “the future of advertising is about using all of these new channels together”.


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