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Pay Per Click Advertising case studies: we currently have 4.

Any agency or media owner can submit case studies to our team and these 4 are the strongest we have received, with the most recent case studies at the top of this page. If you're interested in more digital marketing case studies then review our complete case study library. If you're interested in submitting case studies then email our case studies manager to find out more

Case study: Handbag | Agency: Greenlight | Sector: Media | Format: Search case studyAs a leading women’s lifestyle portal, reaches over 1.5 million readers every month, delivering fresh editorial content on fashion, beauty, celebrity gossip, and much more. The brand has gone from strength to strength since it was set up in 1999 and continues to lead the market. handbag is an expanding online business with ambitious growth plans and had worked with Greenlight for over a year to develop a clear and focused paid search strategy aimed at increasing page impressions and reaching new audiences cost effectively.

A series of highly targeted PPC campaigns combined with strategic consultancy on key editorial and online issues, led to an astounding 410% rise in the number of page impressions. Cost per click on all keywords has dropped by 42% on average and the ongoing fine tuning of the campaigns means that the cost per click is now far lower than targeted.

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Case study: Autobytel | Agency: Greenlight | Sector: Automotive | Format: Search

Autobytel case is a leading internet car retailer that combines extensive motor industry expertise and cutting-edge technology, to offer a convenient online car buying process. By working with Greenlight's in house ad feed tool, Adapt, has seen their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns become more meaningful and relevant to search activity, which has driven better qualified traffic to the site and resulted in an explosion of enquiries and sales.

Having found that traditional bid management and manual campaign creation were not producing a steady flow of relevant enquiries, wanted to overhaul their approach to PPC in order to improve the quality and quantity of enquiries and reduce the cost per lead.

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Case study: | Agency: Greenlight | Sector: Retail | Format: Search case studyAfter realising that its paid search results had plateaued, online audiobook retailer, appointed Greenlight to revive disappointing sales figures through a dynamic paid search strategy. Greenlight’s Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns successfully targeted the niche search volume that Audible’s market offered and maximised return. Greenlight’s approach proved far more efficient than the existing strategy and resulted in extremely impressive levels of return for Audible.

The expertly planned and closely managed campaigns increased search volume by 344%. In the space of 6 months the average number of impressions shot up by an incredible 1,462%; while a look at year on year conversions showed a 78% increase and cost per acquisition targets were beaten by 60%.

These outstanding results combined with Greenlight’s premium client services make this PPC project a shining example of how paid search should be executed and just how effective it can be for niche products and services.

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Google: search engine marketing case studies

Google AdWords Case StudiesSearch marketing works for every type of firm and every size of business. We’ve worked with the team at Google to select these case studies to help marketers see just a few of the ways that pay-per-click search engine advertising can drive traffic to your site. PPC search marketing is key to getting more customers and building traffic to your websites. You can download the case studies here and explore them in more depth on The Search Academy training courses.

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