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Social media case study- Beauty retailer Sephora mixes in-store, mobile and online to build brand love


Looking for a retail brand who has made best use of digital media to enhance the shopping experience? Then look no further than Sephora. This US-based beauty retailer has been incredibly savvy at seamlessly integrating all the latest web, social and mobile media platforms with the physical store to drive customer engagement and sales. They have cleverly leveraged social media – through Facebook, Twitter and more recently Pinterest – to build an on-going dialogue with a large and loyal online fan-base of beauty lovers. They have developed mobile, tablet and in-store digital media platforms to interweave the online / offline shopping journey.

27/06/2012  |  Full story...

Case Study: Sephora | Media: Facebook | Country: Global | Sector: Retail | Objective: Trend creation, buzz, purchase intent | Format: Social media

sephora.jpgSephora turned to Facebook to increase brand awareness and strengthen their position as a leader in the natural and organic makeup category. The solution Facebook provided was through its Virtual Gift Engagement ad, which was a branded reusable shopping tote for users to give to their friends along with a message. Those who sent the virtual gift were awarded a promotional code they could redeem, with any purchase, for a real, limited edition tote bag. During the campaign, Sephora gained 10,274 new fans and orders and traffic to more than doubled.

Download the case study: Sephora - Facebook | Facebook | Sephora


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